Google play 275 SAR

77.1 USD

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How to use it

What is google gift cards?
Google play 275 SAR gift cards are prepaid cards to recharge your Google play store account. With Google play cards you can purchase apps, books, movies, music and unlimited survives on Google play store.
order now your card now, pay in safe methods and get the card code in no time , so you can purchase premium subscriptions, accounts, access to all the features of applications and games and so much more of google Play store services.
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How to redeem Google Play cards:

Through the app:
1- Go to the Google Play Store and click on the side menu button.
2- Enter the payment methods.
3- Click on Use Code.
4- Enter the card code that you got from Like Card.
5- Click on redeem value.

through the browser:
1- Enter the link
2- Enter the card code that you got from Like Card.
3- Click on Redeem.

1- This card is intended for Saudi stores and can only be redeemed within the same country linked to your account area.
2- To use this voucher requires a Google Payments account and internet access. As users should be
Over 13 years old. It may not be usable on some devices and subscriptions, and some restrictions may apply. this coupon
They are not refundable, non-refundable and cannot be resold, exchanged or converted unless they are legal. Google Play Coupon is not refundable for cash, buyer bears the risk of loss.
3- This coupon can only be used on Google Play, any contravention may be classed as a fraud. For more details visit
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